Dr. Michael Fleming, DDS, P.A.

Michael D. Fleming, DDS


Dr. Fleming maintains a general dental practice geared toward health-conscious patients and their families in a caring, environmentally responsible setting. He is especially dedicated to providing dental services to the medically compromised population and those patients with multiple allergies and chemical sensitivities. Careful consideration is given to the choices of dental materials, recognizing that treatment decisions represent a cooperative effort between dentist and patient.

Dr. Fleming routinely collaborates with other allopathic and alternative health care providers to maximize treatment results.

Dr. Fleming is the former Consumer Representative on the Dental Products Panel of the Food and Drug Administration and the former Acting Consumer Representative on the Circulatory System Devices Panel. Currently, Dr. Fleming is an appointed Consultant to the Center for Devices and Radiologic Health at the Food and Drug Administration (term expires August 2018). He receives many inquiries regarding his opinion on such issues as water fluoridation, dental filling materials and other medical devices, root canals and related important matters affecting the health and well-being of Americans.

It is important to understand any of Dr. Fleming's statements about these issues are his personal opinions only and are not necessarily those of the Food and Drug Administration.


Dr. Fleming strongly believes in a minimally invasive, financially conservative, environmentally responsible and biologically sound approach to dentistry. In evaluating each patient's treatment requirements, his goal is to maximize dental treatment results while minimizing expense, loss of tooth structure, and potential health risks.


Dr. Fleming is passionate about the relationship between good dental health and good general health, and about keeping up with the emerging science related to dental materials and their environmental and health effects. As well, Dr. Fleming is a staunch consumer advocate. His greatest joy is increasing his patient's knowledge of their oral condition, enabling them to be more informed and savvy dental consumers. Having practiced dentistry for more than 30 years, Dr. Fleming combines both his clinical experience and his ongoing study of scientific research to apply his personal knowledge to each patient's individual care. He also enjoys relationships with longtime patients who first came to him as children, now treating their children while still treating their parents, and being a part of so many families' lives.


Dr. Fleming lives in Wake Forest, NC with his wife, Ginny and has two daughters, two stepdaughters and six grandchildren. In addition to his ongoing interest in scientific research, he enjoys landscaping and gardening, weight lifting, and relaxing at the beach. He also is a drummer and continues to pursue studies and instruction in music and percussion. Prior to becoming a dentist, Dr. Fleming served for 7 years as a combat pilot in the Marine Corps. He remains an avid flight enthusiast today.

Ginny and Dr. Michael Fleming
Ginny and Dr. Michael Fleming